Vietnam is a country of extraordinary extremes and distinctive experiences, from kayaking in Ha Long Bay, marvelling at the 14th Century Cham ruins at My Son and exploring ornate temples, to relaxing on pristine beaches, exploring the ancient cobblestone streets of Hoi An and strolling by the modern buildings of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a land filled with rugged mountains, lush forests, dense jungles and verdant rice paddies dotted with bicycle-thronged cities and peaceful, rustic villages. Whether touring this fascinating country or simply enjoying the sunshine and beaches, Vietnam will not disappoint.


From swimming past limestone karsts to strolling through local markets, Vietnam offers something for everyone.

Famous Ha Long Bay

Dotted with thousands of limestone towers and islands, Ha Long Bay is one of the most breathtaking places in Vietnam. Aside from simply admiring this natural wonder, guests can kayak across the tranquil waters, swim off of some of the beautiful beaches or cruise through the bay on a wooden junk.

Historic Hue

The historic city of Hue has three distinct areas, each with its own unique character. North of the river, the 19th Century walled Citadel contains the once magnificent Imperial City, quaint streets and beautiful gardens - one of Hue's main highlights. To the east, Phu Cat is a bustling district of shops and pagodas and what used to be called the European City, is where most of the hotels and tourist services are located.

Discover the Cu Chi tunnels

The fascinating 120km network of tunnels at Cu Chi were dug during the American war and offer an insight into the underground life of Vietnamese solders from the 1940's to the 1960's. Today, tourists can visit Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc to explore a short stretch of the tunnels and several trapdoors, living areas, kitchens, storage facilities, hospitals and command centres.

When to visit

April to June are usually the best times to travel throughout the whole country, before the temperatures hit their peak. July and August are peak months with both accommodation prices and temperatures, before the monsoon brings downpours from the end of August until November. Clear skies and sunshine are the norm between December and March, although temperatures can cool towards the north.