Not surprisingly, the Kingdom of Thailand is the most visited country in southeast Asia. The land of a thousand smiles is friendly and fun loving and offers a breathtaking range of scenery - from the jungle forested hills in the north to the unbelievably clear and warm waters of the Andaman Sea off the west coast.

With its eclectic mix of culture, cuisine and commerce, most visitors spend time in Bangkok, before going up country to the jungle or heading for the islands and beaches. Serene Buddhist temples, golden royal palaces, buzzing street markets, glitzy shopping centres, gleaming hotels and colonial edifices all jostle for space in what is one of Asia's largest cities.

The same vibrant mix of sights, sounds, scents, spirituality and cultures can be found in many other cities and resorts throughout the country - so dive in and discover what makes Thailand such an amazing holiday destination!


Mega cites, lively resorts and country towns contrast with natural wonders - coral reefs, rainforest and limestone islands

Bustling Bangkok

Spend at least two or three days in Bangkok, for culture, shopping and entertainment.

Stunning beaches

The Andaman Sea islands with iconic limestone cliffs, stunning coral reefs and luxurious resorts.

Head north

The highlands to the north for jungle treks, elephant camps and fascinating hill tribes

When to visit

Thailand's climate is varied, but in general the best time to visit is during the cool and dry season from November to early April. The eastern and western coast weather varies slightly, with the west coast being more favourable during the winter months. The weather on the east coast is good for most of the year, with the lowest rainfall in January and February and the highest in November. Thailand is always warm, but it's worth remembering that the northern, hilly regions are usually several degrees cooler than the south.