Once a colonial gateway to China, Hong Kong is a fusion of east and west. This vibrant, fast-paced, dazzling, bustling and incredibly exciting city embraces both the old and the new. It's a brash, buccaneering city that delights the visitor and yet provides surprises with its countless contradictions.


From the harbours to the Peak, from the pavements to the penthouses, every type of culture, cuisine and commerce awaits.

Harbour views

Surrounded by an awesome urban landscape, the deep waters between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula is where Hong Kong's trade with the world started and is still the city’s beating heart.

Travel back in time

Walk through history on a promenade from the colonial clock tower, past the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Hong Kong Space Museum.

Festivals and celebrations

Chinese New Year celebrations, arts and film festivals, ancient and quirky local festivities - Hong Kong's year-round events blend tradition and modernity.

When to visit

This 24/7 destination is great to visit at any time of year, but summer temperatures can make things hot and humid (it also the wettest time of year). October to December is considered the best time to visit but avoid Chinese national holidays and large conventions as hotel prices can be high.